Safety and protection

Your safety is important. If you have any safety concerns you should speak with the police. The police can provide information and advice on home, personal and business security. Contact your nearest police station or visit the South Australia Police  for information on:

SAPOL Home Assist Program

The SAPOL Home Assist Program is funded by the Australian Government. The aim of the program is to improve home security and personal safety of HACC eligible service users to allow them to remain safely in their homes.  SAPOL work together with local Councils, health services and other agencies to support HACC service users.

The program is only available for people who are HACC eligible. To meet the criteria you must be:

            • 65 years and over; or
            • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (50 years and over); or
            • under 65 years living with a disability; or
            • carers of people who meet these criteria.
            • For more information please contact the SAPOL Home Assist Coordinator on 7322 3211.

Staying Home Staying Safe Program

If you are a woman or child experiencing domestic or family violence and wish to remain in your own home in order to stay in contact with your community, school and support system, you may be eligible for help from the Staying Home Staying Safe program coordinated by the Victim Support Service. You can contact the Victim Support Service on 1800 842 846