Victims of crime

Information for victims of crime

Information booklet for victims of crime (PDF 1,285KB)

This booklet provides important information for victims of crime, including what to expect and how to access the justice system. 

Sexual assault

Information for victims of sexual assault

Information for victims of sexual assault (PDF 880KB)

This booklet provides victims of sexual assault with important information about their choices, accessing support and the legal process. 

Forensic Procedures (PDF 833KB) 

This brochure outlines what happens in a forensic procedure. 


Information for people bereaved by suicide

Information booklet for people bereaved by suicide (PDF 517KB)

This booklet includes information for families and friends, including details on the grieving process, practical issues and helpful resources.

Information for Aboriginal people bereaved by suicide (Word 936KB)

Victims of homicide

Information for people affected by homicide

Unlocking the Homicide Maze - Information booklet for people bereaved by homicide (PDF 1,218KB)

This booklet explains what happens in a homicide investigation, as well as how to cope after trauma. 
There are a number of other publications that include more detail.  

Information for children and young people

Going to court activity book cover

Going to Court (PDF 1.6MB)

Going to court can be overwhelming for young people. This booklet answers many of the questions young people will have about giving evidence, explaining the people involved and how the process works. 

Going to Court Childrens Activity Book (PDF 962KB)

For children, going to court is likely to be confusing and scary. This activity book makes the process less intimidating and includes some fun activities that explain what's expected. 

Missing persons

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