Complaints form

SA Declaration of principles governing treatment of victims of crime
Victims of Crime Act 2001


You have the right to raise a complaint with me as the Commissioner for Victims' Rights if you believe that a government agency or government official has not acted in accordance with the Declaration of principles governing treatment of victims of crime as outlined in the Victims' of Crime Act 2001. The Declaration is printed in the Information for victims of crime booklet or can be viewed at

The Service You Can Expect

I and my staff will -

  • Treat you with courtesy, respect and sympathy
  • Give due regard to any special needs you may have that arise out of your age, sex, race
  • or ethnicity, cultural or linguistic background, disability or for any other reason
  • Assist you in your dealings with the criminal justice system
  • Seek to act promptly in our dealings with you
  • Acknowledge receipt of your correspondence as soon as practical
  • Clearly explain our processes to you
  • Act independently and objectively
  • Communicate with you clearly and courteously
  • Respect your privacy, and collect, store, use and disclose your personal information only in accordance with the law
  • Clearly explain to you the reasons for any decisions we take, and
  • Seek to identify and promote beneficial changes to systems and practices

If we decide that we cannot assist in your case, we will

  • Explain why
  • Try to refer you to someone who can

How you can help us

We ask you to

  • Treat staff with courtesy and respect
  • Provide us at the outset with full and accurate, but only necessary, information
  • Promptly respond to any requests for further information
  • Let us know of changes to your contact details
  • Let us know any new information relevant to your complaint
  • Inform us of any special needs you may have.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • We can only do those things that fall within our statutory powers and functions
  • We do not provide legal advice
  • Our resources are limited. Please note that the time required deal with your complaint will vary with the complexity of the matter and other factors.

Complaints/concerns form

Privacy Notice: As the Commissioner for Victims' Rights I can enquire into the way you have been treated for the purpose of determining if there has been a breach of the Declaration of principles governing treatment of victims of crime, Victims' of Crime Act 2001. In order to make such enquiries it may be necessary for me to disclose information about you and your complaint to another government official or agency. This could include the official or agency against whom you are complaining, or another agency, who in my view may be able to assist in addressing your concerns. If you do not consent we can note your complaint but cannot make further enquiries as the law requires me to have regard to your wishes.

You are asked to complete the questions in sections 1 and 2; these questions provide information necessary to enquire into your complaint. You not obliged to answer the questions with an asterix or the questions in section 3 if you feel uncomfortable doing so. I will collate non-identifying data arising from your complaint to use for identifying and reporting on any trends and victim needs.

Or Please note that the questions on the form are optional and you are not required to answer questions if you are uncomfortable doing so.

If you wish to lodge a complaint form but do not feel able to complete this form please contact the Commissioner for Victims' Rights on (08) 8204 9635 and staff will assist you with this process.


Section 1 - Details of the complainant



Fill out this section if you are raising a concern on behalf of someone else


Section 2: Details about your complaint


What is the name of the government agency that the complaint is against or the government agency for whom the government official against whom your are complaining works?

Section 3: Information about the crime


The following questions refer to information about the crime; you only need to answer the questions if you feel comfortable doing so.


Or over what period of time

Section 4: Consent


Please tick if you agree

Please include copies (not originals) of any documents that may assist with the investigation

You can submit this form by

Commissioner for Victims' Rights
GPO Box 464

Subject marked: victim complaint


To tell us what you think about our service, you can telephone, fax, email or write to us.

Thank you for contacting the Commissioner for Victims' Rights about your complaint. Your complaint will be recorded and acknowledged in writing. The Commissioner will enquire into your complaint and consult as appropriate. You will be notified of the outcome of the Commissioner's enquiries. If you would like more information about the complaints process or require assistance in completing this form please phone 08 8204 9635.

As we find out daily in handling complaints, they are an opportunity to improve. Compliments also encourage people to maintain and hopefully improve the standard of the work that they do. We therefore welcome your compliments, complaints and suggestions about the service we have provided.