About us

In South Australia there are guidelines to protect and promote your rights if you are a victim of crime. These guidelines apply to all public agencies and officials.

They outline how you should be treated and supported if you are a victim of crime.

These principles are contained in the Victims of Crime Act 2001.

About the Commissioner

Ms Bronwyn Killmier is the South Australian Commissioner for Victims’ Rights.

The Commissioner for Victims' Rights is an independent statutory officer appointed by the Governor to help victims of crime and to ensure they are treated according to the guidelines. 

The Commissioner can: 

  • provide information, advice and support to victims of crime
  • help to deal with the physical, emotional and financial impact of crime
  • help victims in their dealings with prosecution authorities and government agencies. 

The Commissioner also monitors and reviews laws and court practices on victims. 

What the Commissioner can't do

The Commissioner can't:

  • change a decision made by a judge, magistrate or tribunal member
  • investigate a complaint that is already being investigated by another organisation
  • investigate a complaint not covered by the Victims of Crime Act 2001. 

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