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The Commissioner is appointed by the Governor as an independent statutory officer who helps victims in their dealings with the criminal justice system, public officials and public agencies. The Commissioner can consult public officials on their treatment of victims for the purpose of determining if there has been a breach of the Declaration of Principles governing treatment of victims of crimes .

About the Commissioner

Ms Bronwyn Killmier is the South Australian Commissioner for Victims’ Rights.

The Commissioner is an independent statutory position appointed by the Governor under Section 16 of the Victims of Crime Act 2001 (SA).

The primary focus of the Commissioner is to help South Australian victims in their dealings with the state’s criminal justice system, public officials and public agencies.   

Under the Victims of Crime Act 2001, the Commissioner has the following functions:

  • to marshal available government resources so they can be applied for the benefit of victims in the most efficient and effective way; 
  • to assist victims in their dealings with prosecution authorities and other government agencies; 
  • to monitor and review the effect of the law and of court practices and procedures on victims; 
  • to carry out other functions related to the objects of this Act assigned by the Attorney-General; 
  • if another Act authorises or requires the Commissioner to make submissions in any proceedings—to make such submissions (either personally or through counsel); 
  • to carry out any other functions assigned under other Acts. 

In line with these functions, the Commissioner can provide information, advice and support to South Australians who are harmed and their families and friends to deal with the physical, emotional and financial impact of crime. The Commissioner can also participate in certain criminal proceedings and consult on victims’ grievances.

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